How to Write a “Why This College?” Essay
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  • 15th May 2022

How to Write a “Why This College?” Essay

When you apply for a college or university course, you might be asked to write a supplementary essay about why you chose that particular institution. This gives you the opportunity to demonstrate why you and your chosen college are the perfect match for each other.

Read on to discover our six top tips to ensure your “Why This College?” essay stands out from the crowd.

  1. Thoroughly research the college and the course.
  2. Plan out your essay.
  3. Be as specific as possible.
  4. Mention what you will give back.
  5. Keep to the word count.
  6. Proofread your essay before you submit it.

Now let’s explore each of these in detail:

1. Find Out All You Can About the Course and College

Admissions staff will want to see evidence of your genuine interest in their school. Rather than quoting material from the main website page, demonstrate that you’ve really done your research by referring to details you’ve discovered by digging deeper.

You could mention a particular aspect of the curriculum that aligns with your academic goals. The college website will provide an overview of the course content, but you can often find more detailed information by exploring department-specific sites.

If you’ve been to the campus, be sure to talk about what you learned from your visit. Many colleges include virtual tours on their websites for those who can’t visit in person. In addition, you can connect with current students on social media.

2. Outline the Essay Using Bullet Points

As with any essay, it’s helpful to make a plan. First, list all the points you want to mention and rank them in order of importance. That way, you can focus on the most important parts if you have trouble staying within the word limit.

This will give you a series of headings, each of which you can later expand into a short paragraph.

3. Refer to Unique Features That Interest You

Your aim is to show that the course you’re applying for is more suitable for you than any alternative. Therefore, you should avoid citing the advantages of the course or college that could apply to many other places. For example, the admissions staff members at Florida International University don’t need to be reminded of how good the weather is there or how close the beach is!

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Instead, focus on specific elements of your chosen course that align with your academic and career goals. You could even name a professor you’d like to learn from if their line of work is closely related to your goals.

4. Say What You Have to Offer

In addition to stating what you hope to gain from your chosen course, make it clear that you want to give something back. Perhaps your background or experience makes you an ideal candidate for a research opportunity at the college? Or maybe there’s an extracurricular community program you could contribute to?

5. Be Concise and Avoid Repetition

“Why This College” essays typically range from just 100 to 400 words. That’s considerably less than this blog post! Therefore, you need to write succinctly by keeping in mind the following:

●  Don’t repeat anything you’ve written in another part of the application (e.g., the admission essay.)

●  Avoid unnecessary phrases like I think and it goes without saying.

●  Use one strong word instead of two (e.g., fascinated instead of very interested.)

6. Check Your Essay for Errors

Typos and grammatical errors aren’t a great look for aspiring academics! So be sure to have your “Why This College” essay proofread by an expert. Our team is available around the clock and will return your work within 24 hours. You can even try out our service for free by uploading a trial document today.

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