Nitya D

Picassent, Spain

“Writing is a science and an art.”

Nitya D

Specialist subjects:

Alternative Medicine Anthropology Creative Writing Cultural Studies East & South Asian Studies English Language & Literature Linguistics Medieval & Modern Languages Translation Studies


I am currently completing a degree in linguistics.

Favorite referencing style

APA, as it is the style I use most in my own university assignments.

Why I became an editor

I am a student of literature and linguistics with a love of writing, and I also work freelance as a Spanish to English translator. In addition to this, as a result of having lived and worked in many countries, I have experience correcting texts written by ESL speakers. Editing texts is a job I love, as it gives me the chance to use my knowledge of literature and language and help other writers in the process.

Background and experience

I have lived and worked in India, South America and many parts of Europe, and as an unofficial part of my work, I have been requested to correct many texts by ESL speakers. I currently work freelance as a Spanish to English translator focusing on academic texts related to anthropology, literature and the social sciences.

Why I love proofreading and editing

I love writing in general, and proofreading gives me the chance to use this passion to help others perfect their work. I especially enjoy working on texts related to anthropology, literature and the social sciences, which are special interests of mine. As a translator, I also love the challenge of correcting texts by ESL writers.

Nitya D

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Favorite book:

The Futurological Congress by Stanislaw Lem.


Read, write and work in the garden.

Editing tips:

I work in stages, correcting simple mistakes such as typos and dialectical inconsistencies, and finish up with corrections related to sentence structure and style.

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