Proofed’s mission is to provide the highest-quality proofreading and editing services in the world.

We do this by helping people communicate effectively, as well as by sharing expert tips on writing and style. We believe that great writing is essential to sharing ideas and stories, and that everyone should have access to world-class proofreading and editing.

Our Editors

  • Dóra G

    Dóra G

    Szentendre, Hungary

    Counselling, Creative Writing, Fiction, Health & Social Care, Mental Health, Psychiatry, Psychology, Social Media, Social Work, Women’s & Gender Studies

  • Geraldine R

    Geraldine R

    Bacoor City, Philippines

    Education, Language & Literature, Mental Health, Psychology, TESOL

  • Tony C

    Tony C

    London, UK

    Business & Management, Computer/Information Sciences, Cyber Security, E-commerce, Electrical & Electronic Engineering, Engineering, Ethics, Philosophy, Photography, Technology

  • Faithaline H

    Faithaline H

    Castries, St. Lucia

    Business & Management, Economics, English, Human Resources, Social Sciences, TESOL, Women’s & Gender Studies

The lifeblood of our company, our diverse group of editors consists of expert wordsmiths who are committed to carrying out our mission. In addition, over the last 10 years, we’ve developed sophisticated training and continuous development processes. This ensures that we hire and foster the best editors and proofreaders around.

  • Over


    Highly Educated Editors

  • 75%

    Female Editors

  • Over


    Hold PhDs

  • 97%

    Hold Graduate Degree

  • Qualified In Over


    Subject Areas

Our Team

  • Amanda M

    United States

    Amanda is part of our operations team and believes writers give us a gift every time they share their work.

  • Lind Operations Proofed

    Linda R

    United Kingdom

    Linda heads our operations team and love seeing everything run smoothly.

  • Claudio di P

    United Kingdom

    Claudio is part of our operations team and believes an engaged editor is key to great writing.

  • Helen S

    New Zealand

    Helen is part of our operations team and keeps things running smoothly during our overnight shifts. and

To assist our editors, we’ve built an incredible support team. This includes:

  • Expert quality control editors who guarantee company-wide consistency 

  • Account managers who help customers with large volumes of work

  • A first-rate operations team who ensure that every document is completed promptly

  • A technical development team who maintain and upgrade our industry-leading platform

Together, we ensure our documents are proofread to the highest standards every time.

Our Founders

While completing his master’s, Proofed’s founder, Kiran, was searching for the perfect editor for his thesis, but never found the right fit. Proofed was born out of his belief that finding great editors should be easy, not just for himself, but for anyone who needs quality proofreading and editing services. He discovered that he wasn’t alone, and Proofed quickly grew.

He then enlisted the help of Adam in 2017. To ensure Proofed stays true to its mission, Kiran and Adam have dedicated themselves to offering a product-led service that prioritises the needs of their customers. They’ve also cultivated an encouraging and flexible work environment for their team, which now comprises over 750 editors.

Based around the world, from South Africa to Singapore, these expert editors are highly skilled in a wide range of subjects. What connects them is their love for the written word and their desire to help others enhance their writing.

Kiran Chauhan Co-Founder Proofed
Adam Harvey Co-Founder Proofed

As Proofed has grown, so has Kiran and Adam’s desire to find new ways to streamline the proofreading and editing process using modern technology. The company is therefore constantly innovating – from providing editors with cutting-edge tools to make proofreading and editing easier to investing heavily in their proprietary software. 

This is because, as Kiran believed from day one, finding quality proofreading should be easy for everyone. It’s this belief that continues to inspire and drive Proofed forward.

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