5 Extracurricular Activities to Put on Your CV
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  • 31st March 2016

5 Extracurricular Activities to Put on Your CV

When applying for a job or a place at university, having the right extracurricular activities on your CV or resume can make all the difference.

Some activities look more impressive than others though, so before you start bragging about your high score on Candy Crush (even if it did take you ages), it’s worth considering these options…

1. Clubs and Societies

Most universities have a variety of cultural, artistic and political student-run organisations, many of which will look good on your resume if you’re actively involved in running events.

2. Student Media

Another option is joining a student newspaper or radio station. As well as offering industry-specific experience, contributing to student media demonstrates teamwork, organisational and communication skills.

3. Volunteering

Voluntary work always looks good on a CV or resume, as it shows you’re a conscientious and dedicated person in addition to offering crucial experience in a variety of fields.

4. Foreign Languages

In an increasingly internationalised world, speaking a second language is very much in demand among employers. If you’re feeling really ambitious, you could even try working or studying abroad!

5. Sports

Sporting activities also look good on a resume, particularly if you’re part of a team, participating in competitions or take an active role in organising events.

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General Tips

Whichever extracurricular activities you include on your CV, we have a few useful tips on how to present them:

  • Quality Beats Quantity

A long list of activities is less impressive than showing you’ve dedicated significant time and effort to a few things, as quality of involvement is what employers want.

  • Emphasise Achievement

Focus on how your extracurricular activities made a difference, including your personal accomplishments and anything you’ve learnt from your involvement.

  • Skills and Abilities

Any relevant skills should be mentioned, particularly computer and technical skills that other candidates may not possess. Any training or qualifications you’ve received from extracurricular activities can also be included.

  • Know the Value of Leadership

Have you ever led a project? Captained a team? Taken on a responsibilities at a club or society? Anything that proves you possess initiative or leadership skills looks great on a CV.

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