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  • 18th January 2016

9 Sure Signs You’re a Third Year University Student…

Being at university can change you over time. You might not know it, as you’ve probably been living the student lifestyle for so long it seems normal. But, in all likelihood, you’re now a very different person to the carefree fresher who turned up at university all those months ago.

For example, you know you’re a third year when…

  1. You Think of Your Parents as a Laundry Service

Sure, the washing machines in the laundromat are usually busy or broken, but that doesn’t mean you should only visit your poor old mum when you run out of clean clothes.

  1. You’ve Survived on Nothing but Noodles for a Month

Weirdly, despite it being against all nutritional advice, there is a sense of pride that comes from spending less than five dollars on your weekly food shop.

  1. You Consider Anything Before Midday as “Early”

Let’s be honest, anyone who thinks that 9 am is a reasonable time to hold a seminar is clearly a psychopath.

  1. You Have an Extensive Fancy Dress Collection from Student Parties

If the degree doesn’t work out, at least you can start a low-rent theatre troupe with all the costumes you have going spare.

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  1. Suddenly, Your Work Seems More Important

In the first year, you were getting used to university life, so work went on the back burner. In the second year, you still had the third year to catch up on everything. Now it’s the third year and… uh oh. Better get studying.

  1. The Library Becomes Your Second Home

You’d put off going there as long as possible, but the library is where the books live and now there’s a whole bunch of deadlines looming over you…

  1. You Know the Takeaway Menu Off by Heart

Even more worrying than knowing the menu without having to look is when the guy on the other end of the phone recognises your voice and tells you your order before you get the chance to make it.

  1. People Keep Asking, “So What Are You Going to Do Next?”

No third year university student has ever been able to answer this question without also having a mild panic attack. If you know someone who can, they may be an impostor.

  1. You Can’t Believe How Young the First Years Look

Did I really look that youthful when I first got here? And so innocent? What happened to my youth?! AAARRRGGGHHH…

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