How to Cite Audio Recordings in APA Referencing
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  • 11th May 2023

How to Cite Audio Recordings in APA Referencing

Whether you’re writing an academic paper, essay, or blog post, citing sources correctly is an integral part of the process. In American Psychological Association (APA) referencing, citing an audio recording is similar to citing other sources such as books or articles. This post will explain how to cite an audio recording in APA referencing.

Citing an Audio Recording

For an audio recording, list the composer, recording artist, interviewee, or podcast host as the “author” of the source. Apart from this single distinction, citing audio recordings in APA style is not vastly different from how we cite other mediums.

When citing an audio recording, the basic format is as follows:

Author Last Name, First Initial. (Year). Title of Recording [Format]. Retrieved from URL

For example:

Wong, J. (1989). The Greatest Hits [Audio Recording]. Retrieved from

For an in-text citation in APA referencing, you put the last name of the author and year in brackets like this:


You should format narrative citations as follows:

Wong (1989)

Below, we’ll demonstrate how to reference specific kinds of audio recordings, such as recorded interviews, podcasts, and music.

How to Cite a Recorded Interview

When citing a recorded interview in the APA referencing style, the interviewee should be credited as the author, followed by the date of the interview, the title of the interview, [the format] (in this case, “Interview”), and the URL from which you retrieved the recording. For example:

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Rich, Adrienne. (1987, May 5). Adrienne Rich interviewed by Don Swaim on May 5, 1987 [Interview]. Don Swaim Collection.

How to Cite a Podcast

When referencing a podcast, the citation format will vary depending on whether you are citing the entire series or a specific episode. Below are examples demonstrating how to cite both in APA format.

How to Cite a Podcast Series

When citing a podcast series, the key elements to include are the host’s name, the launch date to end date, the podcast series’ title, [the audio format], the name of the podcast series, and the URL. It should look something like this:

Listi, B. (Host). (2011–present). Otherppl with Brad Listi [Audio podcast]. Otherppl.

How to Cite a Podcast Episode

When referencing a specific episode, it is important to include the host name, the date the episode was published, the title of the episode, the episode number (if applicable), the name of the podcast series, and the URL of the episode. Here is an example:

Rubin, G. (2023, May 17). 430: Very Special Episode: Hacks, Hacks, and More Hacks for Making Entertaining Easier and More Fun (No. 430). [Audio podcast episode]. In Happier Podcast.

How to Cite Music

How you cite music depends on whether you’re referencing an album or a single track. Below are examples of how to cite both albums and individual tracks in APA format.

How to Cite a Music Album

Generally, when citing a music album, the details you’ll list in your reference include the name of the recording artist, the year of publication, the title of the album, [Album], and the label:

Streisand, B. (1977). Superman [Album]. Columbia.

Things are slightly different when it comes to citing a recording of a classical work. In this case, you must list the composer as the author and add the name of the individual or group who recorded the version you utilized in square brackets after the title. Specify the label that published the album and conclude the reference by including the year of the original composition in parentheses. Below is an example:

Mozart, W. A. (2019). Symphony No. 40 in G minor [Recorded by Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra]. Deutsche Grammophon. (Original work published 1788)

How to Cite a Single Track

When referencing a specific song or track, you must include the artist’s name, the year of publication, the track title, [format], the album name, the city of production, and the label:

Beyoncé. (2022). Heated [Song]. On Renaissance. Parkwood; Columbia.

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