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4-minute read

A Definitive Guide to the Oxford Comma

An Oxford comma—also known as a serial comma—is a comma placed after the second-to-last item...

3-minute read

Four Common Formal Writing Mistakes

There’s quite a difference between the casual way you might write to a friend and...

3-minute read

A Short Guide to Quantitative Research

Quantitative research involves collecting and analyzing numerical data to find patterns, averages, predictions, and cause-and-effect...

3-minute read

What Are Mass Nouns?

A mass noun refers to something that can’t usually be counted. In fact, it’s sometimes...

5-minute read

5 International Writing Competitions for Authors in 2022

​​Writing competitions are great opportunities for authors to practice and perfect their writing. Winners can...

3-minute read

How to Cite a Podcast in MLA Referencing

If you refer to a podcast in an essay or another piece of academic writing,...

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3-minute read

World Theater Day—How to Celebrate

Theater has been a popular form of entertainment since the days of ancient Greece, and...

5-minute read

Deus Ex Machina–a Guide to This Literary Device

Deus ex machina is a story-telling technique that writers can use to resolve seemingly impossible...

3-minute read

Word Choice: Exercise vs. Exorcise?

Exercise and exorcise sound similar, but their meanings are very different. If you get these...

3-minute read

Content Writing vs. Copywriting—What’s the Difference?

The rise in global ecommerce has significantly changed the methods that businesses use to build...

3-minute read

Are Research Questions and Hypotheses the Same?

A researcher might assume that research questions and hypotheses are identical concepts and should be...

2-minute read

What’s the Plural of Research?

Research is an example of a mass noun (also known as an uncountable noun or...

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