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2-minute read

Among vs. Between | Word Choice

Among and between are both prepositions used to describe how objects, people, or things relate...

3-minute read

Good or Well? | Word Choice

Is Superman doing good? Or is he doing well? The answer: it depends on what...

3-minute read

The Past Tense of “Go”| Explained

Have you ever pondered the past tense of the verb “go”? Well, you’re not alone!...

2-minute read

Inferred vs Implied

We use the verbs infer and imply to describe how the meaning of someone’s words...

2-minute read

“A Historic” or “An Historic”

There’s a very simple rule for whether to use “a historic” or “an historic”: It’s...

2-minute read

Should a Comma Go Before or After “But”?

The dos and don’ts of commas can be confusing – especially when it comes to...

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3-minute read

Grammar Tips: Possessive Plural Nouns

This post looks at possessive plural nouns. Let’s do a quick recap on nouns and...

3-minute read

“By Yours Truly” Meaning

In the realm of language and expression, certain phrases can add a touch of elegance...

2-minute read

Blond or Blonde | Spelling Tips

When it comes to the English language, even the most seasoned wordsmiths can find themselves...

3-minute read

Five Passive Voice Checker Tools

The passive voice is perhaps one of the most challenging aspects of writing. Though the...

2-minute read

Is I a Pronoun?

Understanding the role of words in language is fundamental to effective communication. Pronouns are a...

4-minute read

Hyphen vs. Dash | Punctuation Tips

Hyphens and dashes often cause confusion due to their similar appearance. However, these two punctuation...

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