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  • 16th November 2015

The 5 Weirdest Australian Jobs

If you are getting ready to graduate, or just looking for a way to earn some extra cash before returning to your studies, then why not check out these weird and wonderful ways of making a buck down under? From diving for pearls to catching Koalas, there’s a job out there for everyone!

1. Segway Tour Guide

If trudging around a city yelling at the top of your voice to tourists sounds like too much hard work, then why not do it on a Segway? Several companies are now running Segway tours and are looking for new guides!

2. Koala Catcher

Recently, the government in Adelaide set out to lure bored Brits to Australia by launching several weird and wonderful jobs, including Koala Catcher, and Beer Taster. You have to be a Brit on a holiday visa to be in the running, but if you are a Brit abroad, why not give it a go!

3. Diving for Pearls

Not quite as romantic as it sounds, diving for pearls can be a dangerous and hard occupation. But boy does it pay well! The average pearl diver can be expected to earn AUD $1,300 per day! And if you don’t fancy diving, you can still get a job as a deck hand on a pearling boat.

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4. Father Christmas

Perhaps just one for the guys here but there are plenty of department stores across Australia who will be looking for jolly blokes to don the red suit! Real white beards are a bonus, apparently.

5. Shark Tagger

Marine Biologists in Australia study sharks by tagging them so that they can track their movements and gather data. Currently, CSIRO, Australia’s National Science Agency, are undertaking this. If you think you have what it takes to haul a great white onto a boat and tag it, you probably won’t find yourself in competition with too many others!

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