Word Choice: Unorganized vs. Disorganized
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  • 21st September 2022

Word Choice: Unorganized vs. Disorganized

If you’re learning English as a second language (or even if you’re a native speaker!), there are many quirks to the language that can be a bit tricky.

Lots of words in English sound similar but mean different things. A great example of this is unorganized vs. disorganized. On the surface, they might seem like they can be used interchangeably, but there is a subtle difference between the two words.

In today’s guide, we’ll explain the difference between unorganized and disorganized, including examples of how to use them in a sentence.


Unorganized is an adjective that means something is messy, unordered, in disarray, or uncategorized. It can also describe workers that are not part of a union or something that doesn’t have the characteristics of a living organism.

We’ve just moved, so our kitchenware is unorganized.

That chaotic desk makes you seem unorganized.

The kitchen staff are unorganized.


Disorganized is an adjective that means something that was once organized is no longer organized. If a person is disorganized, they might make their desk messy when it was once tidy.

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Your bedroom is all disorganized now!

Kieran is disorganized.

Lily’s disorganized car needs tidying.

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