Cara S

Augusta, United States

“I approach proofreading with a "leave no trace" mentality: you should see minimal evidence of my visit to your writing landscape!”

Specialist subjects:

Art & Design Fine Arts


BA in Art

Winthrop University


Favorite referencing style

Chicago footnotes referencing is my favorite style. I consider it to be the least obtrusive!

Why I became an editor

While taking an elective grammar course in college, I enjoyed sentence diagrams, graphemes, and modifiers while my English-major peers groaned, anticipating their literature or creative writing courses. As I wrote essays for other courses, I found myself preoccupied with ways to write them better. I would ask, “How can I condense this?” or “Where can I use active voice rather than passive?” I would stare at a comma or a semicolon for an embarrassing amount of time, questioning its necessity.

Background and experience

I studied visual art in college and have worked in sales and customer service. Since graduating from college, I’ve continued to compulsively analyze my communications, from personal text messages to business emails. When I learned about the Knowadays Proofreading course, I embraced the opportunity to expand my writing skills and employ my editorial enthusiasm in a constructive way.

Why I love proofreading and editing

I love that I have found a constructive use for my compulsion to critically scan and revise writing. I can indulge my inner editor while helping clients express their ideas clearly.

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Favorite book:

The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver is my favorite book.


My dog demands most of my time! But aside from walks, fetch sessions, and belly rubs, she occasionally allows me to browse vintage shops and sketch surface pattern designs.

Editing tips:

A checklist that addresses your personal weaknesses and is adapted to the particular requirements of a job can help you stay organized.

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