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Google Sheets Proofreading Example (After Editing)>
Google Sheets Proofreading Example (Before Editing)

Professional Editing For Error-Free Worksheets

Google Sheets is easy to use and built for collaboration. As such, individuals and businesses around the world are using it for all their spreadsheet needs. But how can you be sure your GSheets are always error free? With our spreadsheet editing service, that’s how.

We will check all the text in your spreadsheets, making corrections as required. And our editors know Google Sheets better than anyone, so you can trust us to deliver great results.

Google Sheets Proofreading Example (After Editing)

Our Process

To take advantage of our Google Sheets editing service, simply:

  1. Go to our upload page, click ‘Browse or drag & drop your file’, and then select ‘From Google Drive’
  2. Accept the Google Drive sharing permissions
  3. Select the Google Sheet
  4. Choose either proofreading or editing
  5. Brief your editor and complete your payment
  6. Let us match you with the perfect proofreader
  7. Wait for an email confirming your document is ready
Excel Proofreading Example (After Editing)

You can then access your proofread spreadsheet via a Google Drive link that we’ll share in your user area.

You can review every change we make, so you’re always in control of the final draft. And as well as GSheets documents, we can work with files from PDFs to PowerPoint presentations. See our supported formats page for more information.

Super Fast Editing

To make sure you get your document back in time, we offer three levels of service:


24 hours


12 hours


6 hours*

So no matter how tight your deadline may be, we have a service for you. Simply select Regular, Express, or Rapid when you upload your document.

Express and Rapid services are subject to availability. If we are unable to provide a service at the time of your upload, its icon will be grayed out in the menu above.

*For a 4,000-word document.

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