Ciera L

Hockley, United States

“Collaborating with writers to refine and perfect each piece is immensely rewarding. ”

Ciera L

Specialist subjects:

Anatomy & Physiology Anthropology Archaeology Creative Writing Cultural Studies English Fiction Journalism Linguistics TESOL


BA in Linguistics

BA in Anthropology

University of Hawai`i Hilo

Favorite referencing style


Why I became an editor

I started out editing friends’ college essays for fun. Weird, right? Doing so led me to explore other opportunities to work with writers, and throughout my career, I have been able to work as an editor in chief, a writing tutor, and an ESL instructor.
One thing has always remained constant: I love this line of work. Each project has a unique voice and message, and it is my pleasure to make sure both are communicated effectively and free from errors.

Background and experience

Editor in Chief: Ke Kalahea
Writing Tutor: City Colleges of Chicago
Writing Tutor: University of Hawai`i Hilo
ESL Instructor: Busan Metropolitan Office of Education
Freelance Proofreader/Editor: since 2017

Why I love proofreading and editing

I love helping a writer's voice read clearly and effectively. I quite enjoy proofreading and editing anything about anthropology, biology, and culture. I also love to break into new subject areas, as this presents an opportunity for me to apply my skills in new and rewarding ways.

Ciera L

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Favorite book:

Everything is Illuminated by Jonathan Safran Foer.


When I’m not clacking away behind a computer, you can find me plotting future travels, exploring the great outdoors, or attempting my next great culinary masterpiece (read: disaster).

Editing tips:

I always read sections of each document aloud. This helps me to develop a sense of the author's tone and style so that I can apply that knowledge while editing the piece.

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