Crystal W

Ontario, Canada

“Make your writing 'Crystal' clear.”

Crystal W

Specialist subjects:

Counselling Cultural Studies Health & Social Care Human Resources Human Rights Mental Health Psychology Social Sciences Social Work Sociology


BA in Community Development and Global Development

Western University


Favorite referencing style

My favourite referencing style is APA simply because it is what I have used the most. However, I am open to working in all styles.

Why I became an editor

I have always had a love of language and grammar. Although my career has been primarily in social services, I often became the go-to person for anything requiring ‘polishing up’. I felt a deep sense of satisfaction knowing that I could help someone communicate their message with clarity. After my second child was born and I started looking at part-time career opportunities, proofreading seemed like the natural choice. I realized how much I enjoyed the work and knew I had made the right decision.

Background and experience

My most recent roles include employment counsellor, community builder, and child and youth worker. In these roles, I worked with a variety of individuals, including ESL learners and those with mental health challenges.
I have experience proofreading a variety of business documents, such as employee manuals and policies and procedures booklets. I am also quite competent in proofreading essays, particularly those relating to community development, psychology, mental health, and social services.

Why I love proofreading and editing

I love helping others express themselves clearly and eloquently. I also love that I get to be exposed to new research or information about a topic that I might not have otherwise been able to learn.

Crystal W

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Favorite book:

1984 by George Orwell.


When I’m not proofreading, I like to dance around and make giant messes with my kids, listen to and play music, cook, and garden.

Editing tips:

Before making any changes to a document, I first zoom out and skim through it so I have a sense of the flow and intent. I then will zoom in really close so that only a few words are on my screen.

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