Matthew S

Tulsa, United States

“Sometimes, simplicity is best.”

Specialist subjects:

Astronomy Mathematics Physics Translation Studies


BA in Astrophysics

University of Oklahoma


Why I became an editor

Spotting errors in writing has always come naturally to me, and reading has been one of my main interests since I was very young. Proofreading is the perfect way to do something I both enjoy and am suited to.

Background and experience

I have plenty of experience with checking and revising internal business documents in my current employment. I also have a few years of experience translating from Japanese to English and checking other people's translations.

Why I love proofreading and editing

What I love about proofreading is helping to ensure that the writer's ideas are expressed as clearly and precisely as possible. This can be quite challenging, as human thoughts and emotions are extremely complex at times, but that also makes the effort very rewarding when it’s executed properly.

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Favorite book:

The Dark Tower series by Stephen King is my favorite.


I really love music, and I enjoy learning about the Japanese language.

Editing tips:

I like to make sure that all of the requirements are clear before starting. This helps me to maintain focus on what the writer wants to achieve.

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