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  • 27th May 2018

An Example Press Release

Having previously set out five questions you should ask when writing a press release, we thought it would be helpful to show you how this works! Check out our example press release below.

Example Press Release

ProofreadMyDocument Discovers New Type of Comma

Head of Creative Punctuation says it will ‘change writing forever’

Brisbane, Queensland, 11 April, 2018ProofreadMyDocument is excited to announce a new type of comma. The discovery was made at the company’s Experimental Syntax Laboratory at 1pm on Monday 9 April. They are now seeking to recruit leading grammar scientists to help them explore the long-term consequences of this development.

Head of Creative Punctuation Gareth Fielding says, ‘This is the first discovery of its kind in over 50 years and will undoubtedly change writing forever. Minimally, we expect it to become easier to signal irony on the internet, saving thousands of hours otherwise spent on pointless arguments.’

Inside the Experimental Syntax Laboratory.

As well as providing proofreading and editing services, ProofreadMyDocument has recently expanded its research division. CEO Kenneth Bowlderdash says that ‘understanding language is our passion, so this comma discovery is an exciting moment for us. We would love to hear from grammarians and authors who want to join our team and help us fully comprehend its potential.’ The discovery occurred when Apprentice Punctuation Engineer Cheryl Thompson left a box of Oxford commas on top of a microwave before heating up her lunch. When she returned for her food, she noticed that the commas had changed: ‘They just seemed more ironic,’ said Thompson, ‘and every time I used one at the end of a list, the last item became strangely sarcastic.’

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Thompson joined ProofreadMyDocument this year and says she hopes to make further discoveries in the coming months. ‘I joined ProofreadMyDocument because it is more than just a proofreading company,’ she said. ‘I am delighted to be part of their mission to revolutionise how we write.’ For more information on this story and ProofreadMyDocument’s Experimental Syntax Laboratory, please contact Gareth Fielding at info@proofreadmydocument.com.

How It Works

We should admit here that we have not really discovered a new comma type. But while the content of the example press release above is just for fun, the format is what matters! For example, you’ll notice that we’ve highlighted:

  • Who the news involves
  • What happened
  • Why it’s important
  • When it happened
  • And how it happened

We also include a photo, quotations and contact details that recipients can use when writing up the story. And with all this in a few short paragraphs, we get our point across quickly and effectively!

Finally, don’t forget to have your press release proofread. Get in touch today to see how we can help.

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