How Lucid Advertising Cut Turnaround Times by 50%

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Lucid Advertising is a full-service, data-driven marketing and advertising agency.

This multi-year Addy Award-winning business has an excellent roster of clients spanning a huge range of industries, including the Coyle Institute and Everwell Specialty Pharmacy.

“The Proofed team has a true interest in helping us achieve our goals and works to find a solution every time."

The Challenge

When Lucid Advertising first came to Proofed, it had been working with a freelance proofreader to review client content for typos before publishing online or in print.

There were lots of spelling errors, inconsistencies in editing, and lengthy turnaround times. This led to a lot more work for the Account Managers and, as a result, drastically slowed down turnaround times for its clients’ work.

Ultimately, mistakes impacted Lucid Advertising’s business and reputation. It decided it needed a change.

At first, it considered changing internal workflows so that the Account Managers and the Project Manager would proofread content, but this simply wasn’t efficient.

That’s when they came to Proofed.

The Solution

Proofed was able to deliver a solution that would not only help Lucid Advertising manage the content it was already producing but support its growth, too.

The work began by creating a completely bespoke style guide and assigning Lucid Advertising a dedicated, external team of editorial experts who were able to take the load from the Account Managers’ shoulders.

Then, Lucid Advertising was given access to an efficient self-service portal so that it could manage its work and editors with ease.

All client work was proofread by the editorial team, ensuring that everything was reviewed thoroughly and to the same standard every time, eliminating mistakes.

Lucid Advertising has grown over the past year, and Proofed was able to support this growth by seamlessly managing the increased workload given to its editorial team.

The Result

1. Turnaround time cut by 50%

2. Spelling and grammar issues eradicated

3. More reliable and consistent service


With a dedicated team working on proofreading and editing, and a new, fully-customized style guide, Proofed halved Lucid Advertising’s turnaround time for client work.

Plus, spelling and grammar issues, as well as editorial inconsistencies, were no longer a problem, thanks to Proofed’s expert knowledge and attention to detail.

This freed up staff time and gave clients a more reliable and consistent service from Lucid Advertising, allowing it to grow in leaps and bounds in the last year.

To find out how Proofed for Business can help scale your editorial resources while delivering to each team’s exact style requirements, contact us.

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