Proofed Partnership Helps Grantify Increase Efficiency by 40%
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  • 12th April 2022

Proofed Partnership Helps Grantify Increase Efficiency by 40%

Proofed saves Grantify’s content team more than 185 hours every month.

Grantify has helped many innovative companies secure the funding they need to prosper. But where does a company like Grantify turn when they’re seeking support to grow? To Proofed, of course! And the partnership between our companies has already been a huge success.

The story begins in late 2020, when Grantify was looking to scale up its operations. Originally, they planned to keep their editorial work in-house. But with the volume of work varying from week to week, with peaks occurring as clients submitted their applications at the last minute, it became clear the company would either need to hire more people for its content team (who would then be underused outside of peak periods) or delegate some of this extra work.

Grantify therefore started searching for an editorial partner. And while it tried a range of companies, none were able to offer the same tailored editorial services as Proofed.

After initial meetings, Proofed put together a team of 20 editing specialists with relevant backgrounds and trained them on how to proofread Grantify’s applications. We also worked with Grantify to develop a joint style guide, which is kept up to date based on feedback from each job.

This close partnership has produced some great results for Grantify and its clients, including:

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  • Flexible, high-quality content editing at scale, ensuring that Grantify’s experts can focus on specialist services such as application reviews and advising clients.
  • A 40% decrease in processing times for each application, reducing the number of days it takes to return Grantify’s client applications from five to just three.
  • A saving of 185+ hours for Grantify’s content team per month.
  • Faster delivery speeds and weekend turnarounds for priority applications on request.
  • Approximately $68 million of funding for Grantify’s clients in just 18 months.

On the partnership, Luke Westergreen-Thorne, co-CEO of Grantify, says, “Maintaining the highest standards would be impossible without external support from Proofed. One of the greatest value propositions Proofed offers is reliability. This has allowed us to increase the quality and volume of our work and enable a swifter, more consistent service for our clients. It also means we can schedule the post-Proofed work with our team far more efficiently.”

The partnership has also given Proofed more experience in the world of grant proposal editing, meaning our editors can bring these skills to bear on documents from other clients as well.

This is an area in which Adam Harvey, CEO of Proofed, sees great potential: “Working with Grantify has been a brilliant experience, they’re adding so much value to businesses by helping them seamlessly apply for funding, and we’re thrilled to be a part of this process. It’s a perfect partnership, as Grantify need a flexible editing force as their grant applications are submitted periodically in line with application deadlines, and we’ve helped them scale their content creation and manage those peaks by curating a training a team of expert editors who can flexibly work on their schedule.”

With over 750 qualified editors from a range of backgrounds, Proofed can offer expert editorial support in any industry. So, if your company produces a lot of content, why not schedule a call with a member of our sales team to discover the benefits of partnering with Proofed?

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