AI Content
with Human Editing

Proofed x Hypotenuse – Effortlessly create publication-ready content at scale

Hypotenuse AI X Proofed

Supercharge your content creation process with Hypotenuse’s cutting-edge AI content generation and Proofed’s human AI-editing specialists. Generate content in an instant and have professional editors (trained in AI editing and review) get it ready for publication. Here’s how it works…

Instantly Generate Personalized Content with AI

Provide a few keywords, and Hypotenuse’s world-class AI will produce unique full-length articles, batch-generated product descriptions, SEO copy & more. Slash copywriting costs and harness the creative power of cutting-edge AI technology to power up your content creation.


Human Edit for Publication-Ready Content in Hours

Our editing specialists will give your content a human edit and review to give you peace of mind and to ensure consistency, factual accuracy, and a tone of voice that captures the essence of your brand. By adding the human touch you’ll be confident your content is ready for publication.

Scale Your Content Creation Today

This innovative partnership brings the future of content creation to your team, freeing up your time to focus on strategy and enabling you to scale your content creation—whilst guaranteeing quality.

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    Highly Educated Editors

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    Female Editors

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    hold PhDs

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    Hold Graduate Degree

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    subject areas

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