Physically, Physically, Physically Fit: 6 Exercise Tips for Students
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  • 16th August 2016

Physically, Physically, Physically Fit: 6 Exercise Tips for Students

Yes, that title is a reference to Reel 2 Real’s 1994 hit ‘I Like to Move It’. But let’s move on from our embarrassing musical tastes and get to the real issue: exercise.

No matter how busy student life can be, you need to find time for exercise now and then. As well as keeping you fit, regular exercise can boost your concentration and cognitive abilities, so it could also benefit your academic performance.

As such, we’ve come up with a few exercise tips to share.

1. Be Realistic

Unless you’re planning to enter a body-building competition, exercising shouldn’t be about getting ripped abs, bulging biceps, or a perfect ‘beach body’.

Instead, focus on setting realistic goals. If you strive for progress rather than perfection, you’re much more likely to feel and enjoy the benefits of exercising.

2. Check Out Your Options

Many universities offer students access to gym and pool facilities, so it’s worth checking what options you have available. Likewise, joining sports clubs and societies can be a great motivator if you struggle for enthusiasm with exercise.

3. The World Is Your Treadmill!

You don’t have to be inside to get fit. From running in the park to swimming in the sea, the whole world is your gym if you’re happy to exercise in public!

Just make sure to take care of yourself if exercising in the sun, trying to stay in the shade where possible and keeping properly hydrated.

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We can't tell if she's stretching or if her foot just hurts.
We can’t tell if she’s stretching or if her foot just hurts.

4. The Early Bird Gets… Fit?

Getting up early can be a great way to fit exercise into an otherwise busy schedule.

Morning exercise also has the benefit of helping you shake of tiredness and setting you up for a productive day, as well as leaving you free to relax in the evenings.

5. Multi-Tasking and Exercise

If mornings really aren’t your thing, you can fit exercise into a hectic lifestyle by multitasking. One option is to combine gym time with work, like reading for class while using an exercise bike. This is best done with an audiobook, but you can do it with print books if you’re careful and you pick a safe activity.

You can also work physical activities into your daily life, such as by walking to class instead of driving, using stairs instead of lifts, or taking dance lessons.

6. Find a Fitness Friend

As with most things in life, exercise is much less painful if you have someone with whom to share the experience. This should be someone who shares your goals so you can motivate one another while you exercise.

However, if they’re also happy to go to the pub afterwards, that’s a bonus.

Time for a well-earned drink...
Time for a well-earned drink…

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