Fifteen Examples of Metaphors Used to Describe Yourself
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  • 15th July 2023

Fifteen Examples of Metaphors Used to Describe Yourself

In English grammar, we use several types of words as descriptors. Adjectives, adverbs, similes, and metaphors are some that you might have heard of.

Adjectives and adverbs add more detail to a sentence. Metaphors and similes are more complicated, but are we timid mice when it comes to learning language conventions? No, we’re as brave as lions! So read on to understand more.

This post deals with metaphors, but understanding the difference between metaphors and similes helps.

Metaphors and similes are devices that make a comparison, but although a simile says one thing is like something else, a metaphor says that one thing actually is something else.

So, “Are we timid mice?” is saying that we are actually mice. But we’re not four-legged, squeaking animals. It’s a metaphor.

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But “brave as lions” is saying we’re like lions, so that’s a simile. We can tell it’s a simile because as is telling us the phrase is a comparison.

Examples of Metaphors Used to Describe Yourself (or Someone Else)

A heart of gold means I’m generous and kind.

A heart of stone means I’m unsympathetic or unkind.

A little angel means I’m wonderful.

A little devil means I can be naughty.

The rock of my family means I’m very reliable.

A chocolate teapot means I’m unreliable or useless.

A night owl means I function best at night or like staying up very late.

A lark means I function best in the early morning or like waking up early.

A bright spark means I’m lively and clever.

Fly off the handle means I get angry easily.

A rough diamond means I look tough, but I’m actually kind and generous.

A rose between two thorns means I’m a beauty surrounded by ugliness, or I’m the nice person in a group of unpleasant people.

A ray of sunshine means I make people happy.

Wear my heart on my sleeve means my emotions are clear to see.

Square peg in a round hole means I’m a capable person, but I’m in the wrong job.

Examples of Metaphors in Sentences

I have a heart of gold, but my kid brother is a little devil.

Don’t ask her to help; she’s a chocolate teapot.

I have to finish my essay by morning, so it’s good that I’m a night owl.

He’s not a lark, so he struggles to get up early for a run before work.

Wow, you got every question in your math test correct! You’re a bright spark!


Metaphors say that someone (or something) is something else as a way of describing the person (or thing).

They’re useful in telling us something about someone’s personality, appearance, or behavior.

If you think you might have confused metaphors and similes in your writing, our experts would be happy to check it for you!

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