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  • 15th August 2020

How to Cite a Conference Paper in AMA Referencing

The AMA citation style is commonly used in medical writing. Here, we’ll look at how to cite a conference paper in AMA referencing, including both papers in published proceedings and unpublished papers.

How to Cite a Conference Paper in AMA Referencing

Sources in AMA are numbered sequentially based on the order you first cite them. This then matches the position of the source in the reference list. For instance, you would cite the first source in your document with a superscript ‘1’, the second source with ‘2’, and so on:

Hay fever affects one in four people in the UK.1

If you then cite the same source again later in your work, you can just use the same number as you did on the first citation. The key is that the citation number should match the entry in the reference list each time.

If you quote a conference paper, moreover, make sure to include the page number(s) in brackets after the citation number. For instance:

Hay fever can ‘negatively impact an individual’s work life’.2(p3)

Here, we’re quoting page 3 of source the second source in the reference list.

AMA Reference List: Published Conference Papers

The format for a published conference paper in an AMA reference list is similar to the one for a chapter from an edited book:

n. Author Name(s) and Initial(s). Paper title. In: Published Proceedings. Publisher; year of publication: complete page range.

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For online papers, moreover, make sure to include either a URL and date of access or a stable DOI. You can see examples of both below:

1. Li X. Hay fever in the UK. In: Proceedings of the Annual Conference of Allergens. Medical Publishing Incorporated; 2019:3–42.

2. Wilson S. A new treatment for allergic rhinitis. The Third Annual International Conference of Hay Fever. Sneeze & Co.; 2020:88­–103. https://www.sciencedirect.com/12439384. Accessed 14 June 2020.

AMA Reference List: Unpublished Conference Papers

The standard format for an unpublished conference paper in an AMA reference list, meanwhile, is as follows:

n. Author Name(s) and Initial(s). Paper title. Paper presented at: Name of conference; Date conference held; Location.

For example, we could reference an unpublished conference paper like this:

3. Gonzalez M. Tackling hay fever in the 21st century. Paper presented at: European Congress of Allergology; 17 May 2019; Riga, Latvia.

We hope you now feel confident about citing a conference paper in AMA referencing. But if you would like any more help with your referencing, or any element of academic writing, we have expert editors available 24/7.

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