How to Create a Study Plan Using ChatGPT
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  • 17th May 2023

How to Create a Study Plan Using ChatGPT

Perhaps you don’t even have to imagine the scenario: you have exams coming up and only a few weeks in which to revise, and in that same time you need to cook, clean, work, do the school run, eat… and sleep. How do you fit it all in?

A study plan will definitely help, but putting that together can – and frequently does – cut into the already limited available time. Enter AI. In this post, we’ll look at how you can use ChatGPT to create a study plan for yourself.

How ChatGPT Works

Like other AI-powered chatbots, ChatGPT is designed to answer questions in a conversational style as if the answer were coming from a human. And, like a human, ChatGPT needs some basic information to understand how to help you. You can provide this information in the form of “prompts” within your question.

Having provided your question and received the response, you can ask ChatGPT to refine the result. In the same way that you might expect another human to recognize a follow-up question, ChatGPT is designed to remember what you’ve been talking about and respond accordingly. You can therefore save time by not having to repeat the initial information each time.

What Information Do You Need to Provide?

In short, you need to provide ChatGPT with all the same details you’d need if you were preparing the plan yourself or asking someone to do it for you. At its most basic, the information may include:

●  How many weeks you have before the exam

●  How many days you have free each week

●  How many hours you have free each day

However, ChatGPT is designed to cope with more complicated requirements, so you could ask it to take other things into account, such as:

●  The precise dates of your exams

●  The subject and topic of each exam

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●  Other commitments you have over the same time period

●  Any area you’re struggling with in the topic

●  Your preferred way of learning

How to Provide the Information

Having gathered the details relevant to the creation of your study plan, you need to make sure that ChatGPT knows what you want it to do. Since ChatGPT is designed to interact in a conversational way, you don’t need to worry about providing the information in a particular format – so long as it’s clear what you’re asking for. Your prompt could therefore be something like this:

I have the following exams coming up: English literature (Hamlet) June 6th; English literature (A Doll’s House) June 9th; and history (the Russian Revolution) June 7th. I have commitments at home every Sunday and don’t want to work on Fridays after 5 p.m. Can you create a study plan for me?

If your plans change, you can alter the suggested program with a follow-up prompt:

I need to focus more on A Doll’s House than on Hamlet. Can you revise the plan?

Or you may want to structure how you spend a particular day:

I have four hours free today to spend revising the Russian Revolution. Can you suggest a study plan? I prefer to learn in a visual way.


When you’re pressed for time, ChatGPT is a useful tool for creating a study plan to keep you on track. The one thing it can’t do, however, is make sure you stick to it – that part is very much up to you!

If you’re wondering what else you might use ChatGPT for, you’re not alone. Have a look at our other posts on the subject.

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