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IoT Analytics is small but mighty. It’s a German market research company that specializes in AI, cloud, edge, the Internet of Things, and Industry 4.0. While it may be a small, growing company, it holds itself to the same standards as the best blue chip research firms on the market.

“Proofed is always responsive and ready to support even under tight deadlines!”

The Challenge

IoT Analytics is a firm of quality focused perfectionists – and rightly so. Its aim is to offer its clients the best insights on the market, and carries it out brilliantly. 

The company has a talented team of writers who create top-tier reports. But, with most of them being non-native English speakers, it became a priority for the content to be reviewed by a qualified native English editor.

The market research industry requires detailed reports that display data accurately and clearly. These are lengthy documents – often exceeding the 100-page mark – so mistakes can easily be missed and run the risk of being picked up by the client.

In such a fast-paced space, IoT Analytics needed a solution that could deliver quickly without compromising precision or consistency.

The Solution

IoT Analytics reached out to Proofed because of our knowledge and experience in the market research field and our reputation for quick turnaround times. 

It was clear that the company needed an editorial team with past success working on the data-dense documents and tight turnaround times characteristic of the market research industry. So, Proofed gave IoT Analytics a specialist team who took on everything from handpicking the best editors for the job to managing the workload and carrying out quality control.

Proofed started with a trial run with IoT Analytics and, in that time, delivered a frictionless service as the final layer of quality control for reports and educated the in-house writers at IoT Analytics with helpful advice and edits.

After IoT Analytics took on Proofed full-time, the team was enlisted to work on blog posts and landing pages in addition to the original reports.

The Result

With Proofed on board, IoT Analytics’ documents are flawless. All reports are consistently accurate, perfectly formatted, and clearly and concisely convey the analysis.

And the content delivery time is faster than ever. With an on-task team of experienced, flexible editors who know the market research space inside out, Proofed has been able to deliver in an industry-leading turnaround time of 48 hours.

In helping IoT Analytics achieve quality and consistent reports and providing seamless delivery, Proofed reinforces our already strong reputation as an industry leader with our clients.

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