Three Simple Steps for Creating Social Media Content in Minutes Using AI
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  • 8th May 2023

Three Simple Steps for Creating Social Media Content in Minutes Using AI

Businesses flourish when their social media content aligns with their brand. Social media connects brands and builds relationships with their audiences, all while promoting the business’s services or products. 

With the increasing demand for fresh and engaging material, AI programs have become the go-to solution for generating more ideas, creating content at scale, and saving content creators valuable time. 

Why should businesses scale social media content with the help of AI? On average, 200 million social media users visit at least one business profile daily. So don’t let this opportunity pass you by. We’ll show you, step by step, how to use AI to create engaging social media content in minutes.

Step 1. Generate Ideas

One of the most daunting parts of creating content at scale is generating enough relevant ideas. If you have someone in your organization who’s in charge of social media but isn’t adept at content creation, coming up with content ideas is even more difficult. Having AI shoulder some of the burden will supercharge your idea generation. 

Through natural language processing algorithms, these tools sift through and analyze oceans of data to create content ideas. If you need ideas for titles, headlines, tweets, or other social media posts, numerous tools on the market cover every facet of the process. 

Here are two AI content generation tools that can help:


1. HubSpot’s Blog Idea Generator

This tool assists users in coming up with potential blog titles, headlines, and ideas for articles and social media posts. Just enter keywords that fit your industry, general topic, or brand. Once the tool generates proposed titles, you should tailor them to reflect your voice and brand.

Hubspot Blog Ideas
HubSpot Blog Ideas Generator


In conjunction with using customer data, BuzzSumo helps businesses pinpoint the types of content that resonate with their audiences. It identifies trending topics and popular content. Brands can use this information to create social media posts that engage followers. 


Be creative when entering combinations of keywords. Using different combinations can generate hundreds of ideas. Bringing these ideas to life is the next part of the process. 

Step 2. Create the Content

Writing content for social media can be a time-consuming task. If you’re not adept at producing engaging material, it takes even longer, and you may find yourself wondering whether it’s worth your time and effort. That’s where AI comes into play. 

AI programs can cut the time it takes to write content down to minutes. They can help businesses write content quickly and efficiently. Whether you’re writing a blog article or a Facebook post, you can tailor the content to fit the platform.

Here are some AI programs that can help with writing social media content:

  1. ChatGPT
  2. Wordsmith
  4. Genie (IOS or Android application)
  5. Surfer

The prices for AI content generation programs run from free to hundreds of dollars a month based on your business’s needs. Be sure to review the features of each program before making a purchase.

The programs above have their own unique features, but they work similarly. To generate content, prompt the program by entering what you’d like it to do. You can also input similar articles, posts, or other content to further guide the program on the type of content you need it to generate. Let’s look at some examples!


Here’s an example of how to use

  1. Enter the prompt.
Example using

In this case, the prompt was “Write a tweet about the benefits of using AI to generate social media content.” A good idea is to tell the program which platform you plan to use the content for and the general theme of what you want the content to be about. If you want a step-by-step list, be sure to add that command to the prompt.

  1. Review the AI-generated content.
Example using

When reviewing the content, make sure it’s in line with what you planned. If it’s not, you can add prompts, such as “Rewrite this to cover more benefits” or “Make it longer.” The program will then regenerate the content according to the new prompts. The more specific the command, the better the results.

If you’re happy with the content, click “Add to Editor” to edit the content.

  1. Edit the content. interface editor

You can edit the content directly in the program and save it. In this case, we edited the content to fit our style and brand voice. You may also want to edit the hashtags to fit your targeted audience. 

Genie is one of the AI chatbots that work well on mobile devices. Being able to create content on the go is essential. Why? Smartphones account for 80% of social media browsing.

Example: Genie

Here’s how Genie works:

  1. Enter the prompt.
Genie interface
Enter a prompt into Genie
  1. Copy the generated content.
Genie Content

Once you copy the content, you can paste it into a word processing program or directly into the social media platform to edit the content.

Be creative with your prompts. You can access hundreds, if not thousands, of unique posts within minutes. Taking those ideas and tailoring them to your audience and brand will set your business apart from other companies using AI programs to generate content.

Learn more about how to incorporate AI in your content creation process here.

If the content isn’t up to par with your expectations, give the program additional commands until the copy is in line with what you need. Editing AI-produced content will bring it to life.

Pro Tip

Inputting your own data (e.g., statistics, keywords, customer reviews, competitor content) will tailor the results even further.

Step 3. Edit and Proofread the Content

Several factors come into play when one is editing and proofreading AI-generated content. Although the information may be accurate and even grammatically correct, you need to make sure to tailor the text to your brand’s style. 

Should your team have a style guide? Using a style guide will keep your content consistent across channels. Your editors will know exactly how to tailor the content to fit your business. Your customers will also recognize your content as an extension of your brand. 

Here are some things to look out for when editing AI-produced content:

  • Voice
  • Style
  • Tone
  • SEO
  • Empathy
  • Target audience
  • Brand-specific terms
  • Jargon

Even with the continuing advancement of technology, your brand’s unique voice needs to be reflected in AI-written content. Check to be sure the appropriate keywords are present for SEO, the text demonstrates empathy with your readers, and the words cater to your target audience. It’s also imperative that you fact-check AI-written content. 

These details are what will give your brand a professional edge over others in your industry. It’s best practice to make at least one round of copy edits and a final proofread before hitting the publish button.

Here are some AI programs that will help with checking grammar, spelling, and in certain cases, tone:

  1. Grammarly
  2. Wordtune
  3. QuillBot AI

Don’t rely solely on these programs to do your editing and proofreading. A human touch is necessary to polish the content so it connects with your audience. The last thing you need is your customers feeling that your content is robotic or impersonal.

Back to the example

The Facebook post that Genie created earlier is an example:


Editing AI-generated content is important to ensure it accurately represents the message intended. While AI technology can create great content, it’s still important to have human oversight to catch any errors or inconsistencies. As AI continues to evolve, let’s remember the importance of balancing automation and human creativity. #AIediting #contentcreation #humanoversight.


It’s vitally important to edit AI-generated content to ensure it paints the best picture of the message you want to get across to your audience. Although AI technology has come a long way, a human touch is needed to adjust or improve any tone or voice issues, as well as weeding out any inconsistencies that don’t align with your brand. As AI continues to evolve, let’s remember the importance of balancing automation and human creativity. #AIediting #contentcreation #contentmarketing.

The edited version uses more personal language (e.g., your audience, your brand) to bring the reader into the conversation. The editor also changed the tone from being stiff and formal to playful and inviting.


Creating social media content doesn’t have to be complicated. With the right AI programs and human touch, you can produce engaging content in minutes. Whether you need help generating ideas, writing content, or editing content, with the right systems in place, you can publish content at scale. 

The right content will grow your business and elevate your online visibility. Don’t hesitate to give AI content tools a try. At the end of the day, you’re still in control.

If you want to learn more, check out our writer’s guide to using AI to learn how to excel in an AI-driven world. Alternatively, if you want to use AI for your social media content but also make sure it’s ready for publication, check out our AI-generated content editing services!

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