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  • 3rd December 2017

Proofed Launches One-Click Payment With Stripe

Move speeds up payment process for customers.


Proofed has launched a “one-click” payment system. We’ve done this by switching to Stripe, the industry-leading online payment processor. And this will help us offer great customer service every time (as well as our outstanding proofreading and editing).

Proofed thus joins millions of companies in over 120 countries using Stripe’s platform. In particular, Stripe’s payment processing ensures ease of use by providing:

  • Superb simplicity and security when making payments.
  • Integrated one-click payment for return customers.
  • A streamlined checkout experience for international cardholders.

So whatever your situation, paying with Stripe is hassle free. And getting your writing checked is now easier than ever.

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Stripe is also certified to the highest industry standards around the world. And as such, we are offering these benefits on all Proofed websites, including our US, UK, and Australian sites.

Adam Harvey, co-founder and CEO of Proofed Inc., says, “Proofed is an international company with big ambitions, so we’re thrilled to switch to Stripe. We are top of our game for proofreading and we wanted to work with an international, digitally-focused payments provider on the same level. We’re always looking to offer more global payment options and increased flexibility to our users, too, so Stripe’s service is exactly what we needed.”

Proofed plans to continue this global approach in the future. Our next plan is to add country-specific payment options (e.g., Alipay and WeChat Pay), which will ensure further ease of use for our international customers. So watch this space!

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