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  • 18th September 2019

Proofed Announces Partnership With English Forward

Move includes September 18 launch of co-branded affiliate website.


Strawberries and cream. Gin and tonic. Proofed and English Forward. Some things are just better together. After all, English Forward run the Q&A website English Forums, offering a helpful resource for anyone who needs great advice on their writing. And Proofed’s editors are experts in all aspects of spelling, grammar, and punctuation. So with the new partnership between Proofed and English Forward, we’ve made it easier than ever for English Forum users to get the help they’re looking for.

As well as benefiting those seeking help with their English language skills, the move represents a great opportunity for both companies, allowing them to grow naturally.

From September 18, 2019, users will be able to sign up and submit documents via the English Forward – Powered By Proofed – site if they have writing that needs proofreading or editing services. And they will be able to get up to two pages checked at no cost thanks to our free sample service.

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Proofed Co-Founder and CEO Adam Harvey says, “This is an exciting opportunity to expand our horizons as a company and reach a new user base. Ultimately, we see this as a way to help more people produce clear, error free documents. English Forward is already a great site for people who have questions about the English language and writing. But if they need a little more assistance with a document, our editors will be there to lend an expert hand.”

This sentiment is echoed by Mitch Rankin, CEO of English Forward: “Over the past 17 years, we have served more than 290 million unique visitors, hosting 2 million questions and answers on our site. And with 1.35 million visitors monthly, and close to 1 million followers on social media, we are constantly looking for better ways to serve our users. We are therefore very pleased to offer access to an expert editing service with Proofed, and we expect this partnership to be a major success.”

For more information about Proofed and English Forward’s partnership, please get in touch with our team at partnerships@getproofed.com.

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